Our Year 7 pupils recently had the opportunity to visit the Vientiane Rescue Station, where they didn’t just donate essential medical equipment, but also delved into an educational and fun exploration!

Our pupils witnessed the inner workings of ambulances and fire trucks , gaining firsthand knowledge of emergency response vehicles. From understanding the critical equipment onboard to learning about the dedicated professionals who operate them, it was an immersive experience like no other!

Year 7 also engaged in interactive sessions, where they were taught basic medical procedures by the skilled professionals at the station. From bandaging techniques to understanding emergency protocols, our students soaked in invaluable knowledge that could one day save lives!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to this donation. Your support has empowered our pupils to make a tangible difference in their community while fostering a spirit of compassion and curiosity. Let’s continue to inspire and educate the leaders of tomorrow!