Age Guidelines to Entry

Ages at Entry


Age National Curriculum of England Equivalent Year Groups USA and Canada Lao PDR
Before Sept 1st Year Stage
2 Nursery Nursery Pre-School Liengdek
3 Foundation 1 Foundation Stage Pre-School Anuban 1
4 Foundation 2 Pre-School Anuban 2
5 Year 1 Key Stage 1 Kindergarten Anuban 3
6 Year 2 Grade 1 Pathom 1
7 Year 3 Key Stage 2 Grade 2 Pathom 2
8 Year 4 Grade 3 Pathom 3
9 Year 5 Grade 4 Pathom 4
10 Year 6 Grade 5 Pathom 5
11 Year 7 Key Stage 3 Grade 6 Matthayom 1
12 Year 8 Grade 7 Matthayom 2
13 Year 9 Grade 8 Matthayom 3
14 Year 10 Key Stage 4 IGCSE Grade 9 Matthayom 4
15 Year 11 Grade 10 Matthayom 5
16 Year 12 Key Stage 5 A Level Grade 11 Matthayom 6
17 Year 13 Grade 12 Matthayom 7

The British education system operates on the premise that students thrive best in their correct class age groups. Differentiated teaching caters for differences in needs and abilities; the most able children are challenged, while children needing support or more time are cared for and encouraged to fulfil their potential.

At Heathfield International School, we believe that it is important for children to be with peers at a similar stage in social maturity, and experience and educational research tells us that changes made early on may have negative consequences later. For these reasons, we adhere to the policy of keeping children within their correct age band except in the following circumstances:

We adhere closely to age-guidelines; however, we acknowledge that there will be occasional exceptions.

Where a child is young for their year group i.e. they have their birthday in August, and formal schooling has been minimal and/or the level of English is low, we can consider placing them in the year below. This gives the child a greater chance of success.

Accelerating a child is not advisable unless they show highly developed abilities above their age group. A series of tests proving this will need to be undertaken.

If a student in Year 10 or upwards and working in a second language does not have a level of English high enough to follow successfully the IGCSE programme.

Provided there is evidence of academic ability and the student has a reasonable basic level of English, the school will consider options which would allow the student time to focus on English skills and then join the appropriate programme.