Creative arts

Creativity is the lifeblood of Heathfield International School, Vientiane. With a focus on art, music and theatre, we want the school to become renowned for its staged concerts and recitals, plays and exhibitions.

Our students will be strongly encouraged to develop their creativity when it comes to the arts, and will have access to modern facilities to practice painting, sculpture and pottery. Parents will have the chance to see their children’s work regularly throughout the year. Our students will be able to take their inspiration from the beautiful Mekong River or the unfolding and changing cityscapes of Vientiane they pass on their way to school.

The school hallways will become exhibition spaces in themselves, alive with the colour and boldness of works inspired by new and traditional art alike.

We will also inspire our students to embrace Design Technology when creating artworks, already a hugely popular subject in the modern education world. Both the junior and the senior schools will be able to design work in purpose-built studios.

It is this passion for creativity that will lead many of our graduating students to pursue further studies in the arts, hopefully at some of the best art colleges in the world, where they can go on to study architecture, fine art, fashion and jewellery design.


Musical arts are very important in developing students’ creative abilities, and Heathfield International School, Vientiane, will attract specialist music teachers to nurture in our young people a delight in music-making. Some students may even progress to world-class conservatory programs and careers as professional musicians; others will develop a lifelong love of singing and playing music.

Our school will have extensive facilities for learning, practicing and rehearsing, all centred around a beautifully designed concert hall. Students will have the opportunity for one-on-one instruction in all orchestral instruments, as well as percussion, piano, guitar, harp and voice. Singing is encouraged at all levels, and all students will have the opportunity to join a school choir.

We intend to create ensembles as part of our Music Excellence Program, and will encourage students to form their own musical groups. We will also develop a program for gifted and talented students, designed to give these students the opportunity to perform at their highest level on an appropriate stage.


In common with Heathfield School UK, sport is part of everyday life, and sporting excellence is encouraged and nurtured.

Boys and girls of every age and ability can discover and develop their personal passion when it comes to sport, be it gymnastics, tennis or swimming, or team sports such as basketball and soccer.With new and modern sports facilities, courts and playing fields, our highly-trained coaches will support and guide students towards participation in national and international competitions with other schools in Vientiane and across the South-East Asia region.Students with exceptional talent will form part of an elite Heathfield Team, working together to reach the heights of sporting success.

Sport is a vital part of school life, and we believe it is also crucial in the development of individual students and their personal qualities. As a school community, we also have commitment to exercise and good health. Sport is also a source of fun and enjoyment, with many events such as Sports Days and Fun Runs to enjoy throughout the year.


An inquiring mind is a hallmark of both a good education and a well-developed individual, and at Heathfield, scientific inquiry and discovery is integral to our teaching.

With state-of-the-art science laboratories and highly trained teachers, our students will have the opportunity to investigate the world through the world of science and discovery, through physics, chemistry and biology. Many students will discover the possibilities of a career in the scientific realm, and go on to study elite courses at international universities. Others will incorporate their scientific learning into a well-rounded, and inquisitive view of the world as they move into adulthood.


At Heathfield, we also want our students to become well-rounded individuals with an awareness of the world around them. We place a great importance on languages, and will include Chinese Mandarin in our curriculum. China is Laos’ fastest growing neighbouring country, and an introduction to its language will be one of the best ways to increase students’ knowledge of their region. A working knowledge of Chinese Mandarin will also add to a multi-faceted education and contribute to our graduating students’ personal assets as they move into the world beyond school.