Step into our nursery kitchen and let the pancake adventure begin! With every whisk and flip, little ones explore the wonders of cooking. From mixing batter to watching it sizzle on the griddle, it’s a sensory delight. Under the gentle […]
Exciting News from HISV! We’re thrilled to introduce you to our newest school members: Honey and Bunny, the adorable bunnies who have hopped into our community! With Honey and Bunny joining us, we’re opening up exciting opportunities for learning and […]
At Heathfield International School, we recently marked the beginning of the Year of the Dragon with a captivating Lion Dance Show. Our pupils were enchanted by the traditional performance, offering them a wonderful opportunity to embrace and understand diverse cultures. […]
Exploring the Future of Robotics! Year 6A pupils embarked on a journey to the VF Center to delve into the world of robotics. Witnessing the magic of technology firsthand, they collaborated to assemble a futuristic train, seamlessly setting it in […]