Heathfield International School – Vientiane (HISV) is a co-educational school established for Lao and international families.

HISV delivers the English National Curriculum (ENC) with the new Oxford International Curriculum (OIC) as its cornerstone.

It places wellbeing and problem-solving skills at its heart and assists us in pursuing a holistic approach to education i.e. the emotional, social, physical and cognitive wellbeing of our learners.

The ENC is adapted to attend to individual needs, to take advantage of the local environment and culture, and to respect the laws and social norms of our host nation.

HISV offers learning opportunities in English for children aged two and over; with a wide range of abilities, without discrimination on the grounds of gender, religion or cultural identity.

The school accepts children, who we feel will benefit from our philosophy, programme, personnel and physical space.

HISV is outward looking. We aim to develop a strong sense of national identity whilst developing regional and international understandings.