Congratulations to our pupils, Mr. Soukphaxay Phanthanjak (Winner) and Viphada Phanthanjak (Winnie), as they showcased outstanding talent at the AOSI 2024, winning medals among 900 swimmers from 14 countries at the Aquatics Center, Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand.

– Winner: Earned a bronze medal in the 50 M Freestyle.
– Winnie: Scooped an impressive 6 medals:

3 Silver Medals: 50 M Freestyle, 50 M Freestyle Kick, 50 M Backstroke.
3 Bronze Medals: 50 M Butterfly, 50 M Butterfly Kick, 100 M Freestyle.

We are grateful to Coach Dr. Agustinus Hermino (Herry), whose expertise has shaped our athletes into champions. As a distinguished swimmer in Open Water Swimming, certified by World Aquatics (FINA), and a respected International Swimming Coach, Dr. Herry continues to inspire greatness in our swimmers.

HISV is proud to honour them with HISV gift sets as tokens of appreciation for their remarkable achievements.

Let’s celebrate their achievements and support their journey as they continue to make waves in the upcoming competitions throughout 2024!