Extra Curricula Activities

At Heathfield International School Vientiane we see after school activities as an integral part of the education of our children, and to that end offer a wide range of clubs that aim to introduce the child to potential hobbies, develop particular sports, provide language learning or other skills such as computing and inspire an interest in areas that perhaps they would not be exposed to through the normal curriculum.

Early Years

Whilst the school recognises the importance and value of extracurricular activities, it chooses to offer only a limited programme to children in the Early Years. The school realises that young children are often very tired at the end of the school day and would not benefit from attending after school clubs so limits the number of after school activities on offer to children in Reception. When children join the Primary School they are able to enjoy a wider range of age appropriate extracurricular activities.

Primary School

We have a wide range of extra-curricular activities which happen after school usually on Tuesday and Thursday from 2.30 until 3.20. The clubs on offer change each term and there is always a variety to choose from including sports, art, languages, musical, drama, computing and book clubs.

We work with a range of outside providers to include a good range of clubs that involve the children in enjoyable activities.  Parents can sign up each term for different clubs.

Most clubs are free but there may be some optional specialist clubs that will be paid for.