Exploring the Future of Robotics! Year 6A pupils embarked on a journey to the VF Center to delve into the world of robotics. Witnessing the magic of technology firsthand, they collaborated to assemble a futuristic train, seamlessly setting it in […]
On December 14th and 15th, Heathfield International School, Vientiane, held its annual Christmas Show. Families of the pupils were invited to watch the show and cheer for their children. The pupils’ performances brought smiles and joy to everyone, making this […]
Heathfield International School, Vientiane, holds its yearly Sports Day, a highly anticipated event for pupils. Participants eagerly engage in various sports activities, promoting qualities like self-confidence, concentration, teamwork, communication, and, most importantly, enjoyment. Regardless of age or ability, pupils actively […]
Welcome to the lively adventures of Nursery and Foundation Stage 1A! Our little explorers are diving into a journey to connect with nature, fostering appreciation, playfulness, and mindfulness. In the embrace of nature, young adventurers learn the art of calmness […]