Welcome to our Teaching Staff

On behalf of our team I would like to extend a warm welcome as we enjoy our second year of operation in Laos. During our time here the pupils have benefitted from quality education with us and have enjoyed the experience of studying in a caring and inspirational environment. We look forward to the development and introduction of our new facilities during the next term. I would like to introduce the academic staff to you and we all look forward to a successful year.

Nursery Teacher – Ms. Amy Pons

Amy has recently had extensive experience working in Vietnam where she has achieved considerable success teaching younger learners. She believes it is a privilege to work as a teacher. Amy displays high levels of creativity and much enthusiasm, along with the ability to organise her classroom in a way that engages all learners. Amy is passionate about yoga, hiking and cycling.

Nursery Teacher – Ms. Liandie Van Vuuren

Liandie distinguishes herself by displaying consistent reliability and the ability to present engaging and enjoyable lessons in all subjects to a variety of age groups. Liandie is hard-working and shows kindness and consideration to all she meets which is beneficial in the classroom and the staff-room. She has a natural aptitude toward teaching. She brings the class together through her obvious love for the children in her care. There is no doubt that she is the type of teacher who successfully molds children to meet their highest potential.

Reception 1 – Mr. Patrick Higham

Patrick is an experienced early years teacher from England. He has taught in nurseries, early years settings, colleges, schools and parenting groups. Patrick enthusiastically delivers care and education using a range of teaching philosophies. His teaching style incorporates use of real-world objects, dance, music, songs, games and meaningful child led experiences. Patrick operates a small-scale farm and finds joy in a simple self-sufficient lifestyle.

Reception 1 – Ms. Shana Butler

Shana brings a joyful energy to her classroom. For over ten years she has worked with young children in Asia and the United States. Shana is an advocate for the importance of early childhood education and constantly finding new ways to grow as an educator. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys coaching swimming and spending time with her family.

Reception 2 – Ms. Samantha McCormick

Samantha brings to our school community a dynamic set of teaching skills with an ability to differentiate teaching content to cater for a range of abilities within a classroom. She has taught a variety of ages and has impressive skills planning curriculum materials and using ICT. Samantha is a skilled athlete and has achieved high honours in the sports of hockey and football.

Year 1 – Ms. Kathryn English

Kathryn English has her Masters in the Arts of Teaching. She is on her tenth year of teaching. She has taught both children and adults of various ages. In her home state of Arkansas she was part of the first staff at a children’s museum that utilizes methods of play and STEAM (science technology engineering art math). Kathryn enjoys reading, writing and drawing in her free time.

Year 2 – Ms. Lorna Hewson

Lorna’s teaching career has taken her to countries including Korea, Thailand and England. She is wonderful at establishing a positive working relationship with pupils, parents and all members of the community. Within her classroom there is a strong focus to develop independence and curiosity for learning in each child. Lorna has previously worked as a free-lance producer, writer and announcer for a variety of radio shows. She is very creative and is looking forward to pursuing her interests working in Laos.

Year 3 – Mr. Peter Dowling

Peter has vast teaching experience, a journey that has seen him work in several international schools in Africa and Europe. He is a passionate and energetic teacher, with specialised skills teaching English to non-native speakers.  Peter thoroughly enjoys coaching many sports including football.

Year 4 – Mr. Don Mckay

Don has had a wide and varied teaching career in seven countries, the USA, the UK, Spain, Japan, China, the United Arab Emirates and now Laos. He is particularly skilled and qualified in teaching students whose first language is not English. Don seeks to use an interactive and student-centered teaching approach, and he places top priority on developing students’ reading skills so that they may continue to learn effectively as they progress through school.  In the past three and a half years he has had solid experience in Laos working with primary and secondary school students. Don feels at home in Laos since his wife and son are Lao and has a home on the edge of the city.

Year5/6 – Mr. Andrew Paul

Andy has over 13 years teaching experience teaching the British Curriculum in Asia, and the most recent seven in International Schools in Laos. He always builds up an excellent rapport with his students, ensures the learning is interesting, and is enthusiastic in his teaching. Andy is very artistic and enjoys being creative in the classroom. Outside the classroom he enjoys teaching chess and is proud of the way his students have learnt the game and enjoy the mental challenge the game provides.

Our school will offer the highest standard of education in Laos for expatriate and local children.  Each day will be an opportunity for our quality teachers to facilitate dynamic learning in the classroom and through our extensive programs covering the arts, sports and personal development. This will occur in an environment where all students will be encouraged to strive to excel and become life-long learners.  Our support for those learning English as a new language will be first-rate.  Students will be given many opportunities to develop leadership skills, express their individuality and develop their passion for learning.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards

Mr Mike Anderson

Heathfield International School Vientiane.