School Policies

Provision of Care & Support

At Heathfield International School we carefully assess students through the admissions tests and counsel parents against placing their child in the school if we do not feel we can offer the appropriate provision for that child. Should we feel that we are not able to offer the appropriate support and level of care that your child demands, we will do our utmost to find a place at another school. This policy encompasses special emotional, social, academic, physical and behavioural needs. It is important that parents discuss any special needs their child may have with the Headmaster.

Class Organisation

At Heathfield International School, the maximum class size in the Primary School is 25 pupils, and in the Secondary School the maximum class size is 20, although the average class size is usually well under 20. It is possible that for very brief, limited periods, these class sizes may be exceeded as new children join a group during a school term.

In managing the composition of classes within a year group, our policy is to achieve as close a balance as possible, considering the following factors: language experience, nationality, ability and gender. If it is felt it will be beneficial to the year group as a whole, existing class groups may be re-organised at the start of the academic year to ensure an appropriate balance. The children are given many opportunities to work and socialize with all of their peers across the year group, and this is especially encourages by the house system, extra-curricular clubs, music and PE classes.

As we often have a significant new intake of children throughout the year at Heathfield International School, we reserve the right, in extreme circumstances, to re-organise classes to maintain the appropriate balance.

Parents may express a preference for a particular class or teacher, although it must be understood that the final decision has to remain with the Headmaster. In all issues of child placement, the Headmaster’s decision is final.

English Entry Requirements

The English level required is dependent on the age of the child and the year group to which entry is sought. Please consult the Headmaster and ask for the Heathfield International School’s English Support Policy for further details.

Special Education Needs

Heathfield International School has a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy based on provision available. The acceptance of students with learning needs will only be confirmed by the Headmaster after discussion with parents and the appropriate professional educational support services. It is important that parents share all of the information regarding their child’s learning needs, including any professional assessments, upon application. Failure to do so might risk the loss of the place once the child has joined Heathfield International School if we discover that we are not equipped to best assist and support the child’s development.

The following information concerning the Admission Procedures, forms part of the Admissions Policy and is given to the prospective parents when they first make contact with Heathfield International School.

HEATHFIELD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a caring British international community school for children aged 2-16.

In keeping with our philosophy as a multicultural school serving international and local communities, we are proud to welcome students of all nationalities, religious and ethnic backgrounds. We operate a non-selective admissions policy, we seek to admit children of a range of abilities into our learning community, helping them reach their full potential and achieve success in their lives.

We seek always to promote equal opportunity, applying our regulations on admissions fairly and without prejudice. All admission applications are carefully reviewed and updated in consultation with stakeholders both within and external to the school, including the governors of Heathfield International School.